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Ryan Milligan

Ryan MilliganRyan Milligan is a Licensed Real Estate Agent in the States of California, Hawaii and Washington and an FAA Licensed UAS Pilot, videographer and professional aerial photographer.

Ryan has been selling Real Estate, listing Real Estate and creating websites since 1998.


Through the years of marketing property, Ryan realized the need for elite education in many different aspects of Real Estate and Marketing. Ryan has taken a great deal of continuing education classes to stay connected and current with local, state and federal regulations that change often from state to state. Ryan realized that the internet was going to be key in the future of Real Estate Marketing way back in 1998 and he began learning how to create websites, his knowledge of web creation has extended beyond just marketing listings.

Ryan was born and raised in California prior to relocating to the State of Washington. He graduated High School in 1990 in Washington State and went right into partnership with his late father as an owner and General Contractor of Ranch and Home Construction, building throughout the State of Washington.

In 1991 Ryan had his first son, Devin. The pride of Ryan’s Life, Devin inspired Ryan to achieve more and more, to never quit and to be as successful as you can be.

Ryan managed the construction company working with clients and supply stores, creating blueprints and applications with various building departments throughout the state. Ryan trained workers and physically participated in the construction of over 100 buildings.

In 1996 he had his second son, Jordan. Ryan raised Jordan with the same work ethics that he has learned throughout the years. Ryan is very proud of Jordan.

Also, in 1996, Ryan’s Dad handed Ranch and Home Construction over to Ryan so his Dad could get his Real Estate License. Ryan supervised the company until 1998 when he decided to shift directions himself due to a job-related injury. Ryan became fulltime Licensed with The Real Estate Company of America.

In 2001 Ryan ran for City Councilman, he won twice and served a total of 6 years! From 2002 – 2012 Ryan was the North County’s representative Board Member of the largest Health District in the State of Washington on a 6 person panel. Throughout Ryan’s years in Washington he has filled leadership positions on a wide variety of Committees, Boards and Associations from Police Committee Chairmanship to Pool League President. Ryan had an amazing time raising his two oldest sons in Washington, living, loving, thriving and prospering.

In 2012 Ryan Decided to relocate to Kailua Kona, Hawaii for a new experience. He maintained his Washington License and continued to list Washington properties while he launched his Hawaii Blog entitled “Kona-Hi.com” (now, 36,000 followers).

In 2013 he had his third son, Ethan. Ethan is Ryan’s special little man and his sidekick. Don’t be surprised to meet Ethan on a showing or a meeting. Ethan is Ryan’s righthand man and apple of his eye.

Continuing with his plan to incorporate his blog with selling Hawaii Real Estate, Ryan got his FAA Part 107 Drone license in 2017 and Hawaii Real Estate License in 2019. After the passing of his father, Ryan decided to relocate back to his original point of beginning, Modesto, California where he obtained his California Real Estate License.

Ryan now travels back and forth from Washington to Hawaii to California with his drone in-tow. Ryan loves his job. He enjoys traveling around researching real estate and continues to this very day working fulltime helping clients achieve their real estate dreams whether they are looking for Investments, Recreation or Primary use. Give Ryan a call to set up your opportunity to get to know the man that will change your life!